"How do I love Roots to River Farm, let me count the ways… Eating food that is grown on an organic farm located just down the road is a dream come true. The vegetables are vibrantly nutritious, delicious, and beautiful to behold. The CSA offers ample freedom of choice and generous quantities. Ever changing seasonal conditions and well planned crop choices provide variety through the year. I feel extra grateful for the bounty when I pick up my share and have a chance to visit with the intrepid farmers who toil in the fields to feed me. Thank you Roots to River!"  Mare M

"I get very excited for every Pick-up Day at Roots to River! As a professional cook, the variety and quality of the produce excites my creative juices and inspires me to create new dishes using the freshest ingredients possible -- sometimes picked that very day. The variety and abundance of the produce encourages me to think outside the box and create new recipes using ingredients I may not normally be familiar with but quickly fall in love with. Roots to River produce are the ingredients  that fuel my creative juices in the kitchen and force me to eat more heathy. Thank you Roots to River folks for getting dirty so that I may eat better! Love Ya!" Dan Macey, dantasticfood, New Hope, Pa.

"I grew up on a working farm in Michigan utilizing all 4 season with homegrown fruits and vegetables. Being sent to the root cellar meant a special treat for dinner. Via word of mouth I learned about a young woman starting her own CSA.  She offered a winter share consisting mainly of root veggies with pick up at the Bentspoon. This was a no brainier for me, I live in the Princeton area.  I found the quality and flavor outstanding, I was hooked! For the past 30 years we belonged to CSA's in the Princeton area, none of whom offered a winter share.

People ask why I drive 2 hrs. round trip for veggies, the answer is simply , the vegetables have this great flavor. Signifying the earth is rich and fertile, what any farm girl would know. The drive is scenic, relaxing and I am always excited to be picking up another bounty. In addition, I am always greeted by smiling young farmers who love the earth. Another bonus is the Blossom Hill Flower CSA share, guaranteeing a beautiful floral arrangement, almost always lasting till the next pick up . Thank you Malaika and crew, R2R rocks!!" Susan C

"There is a lot of challenge and satisfaction in learning to cook and eat only those vegetables that are seasonally available, which for me are those from the Roots to River CSA. It just feels so much more healthful and authentic to eat this way, and it allows me to commit to eating sustainable, chemical-free produce as much as possible. I look forward to a long association with Roots to River Farm!"  Julie D


"This was the first CSA my husband and I had participated in, and we can't wait to be a part of the Roots to River community again this year. We did the half share (it's just the two of us) and it was such a great motivator for us to cook with a variety of healthy (and many new!) ingredients. Pick-up was always a treat as we were always greeted with smiling faces (even during summer downpours) and lovely conversation. We are happy to have found this incredible group and look forward to supporting them again." Marlee S