This latest video was made about our farm and CSA for the Visit Bucks County campaign. We were so honored to be featured as some real Bucks County goodness! Video by the talented Bob Krist.

These videos were taken in the 1st season of Roots to River. While the farm has grown and changed a lot, these are beautiful snap shots of our 1st year on the land and how we began our incredible farming journey.

All video credits go to Courier Times Staff Photographer Stephanie Veto

Roots to River Farm is an organic farm in its first year of operation. It is owned and managed by Bucks County native Malaika Spencer. Spencer has worked on farms throughout the world and has managed small projects, but has never taken on such a large endeavor. Even with a world of knowledge, not everything can prepare Spencer for the unpredictable nature of farming. (music by Pitx)

The farmland that Malaika Spencer of Roots to River Farm is busy tilling was previously used for conventional corn and soybean production, which means chemicals such as herbicides and pesticides were used regularly.  Spencer said everything they do will follow organic practices. However, she said that according to the USDA, there is a three-year buffer period between having a traditional agriculture farm and bringing it back into a much healthier organic system.Until then, they will be considered a transitional organic farm.

The first harvest at Roots to River Farm came in early June. With the harvest comes the first pick-up for folks who purchased shares of the crop through Community Supported Agriculture.

Matt Rohanna packed his bags and moved from Western Pennsylvania to Bucks County to apprentice on Roots to River Farm. From the first days, Rohanna had a connection with farm owner Malaika Spencer and assistant manager Amanda Midkiff. All three are in agreement that they have become like a family.