Meet the 2017 Crew!

Malaika Spencer


Malaika is addicted to the tangible rewards of growing good food and the challenges of building healthy ecosystems.  She has been working on farms for 10 years and can't imagine life without muddy boots, fresh tomato sandwiches, long days of weeding and the satisfaction of working with the land to feed her community. Malaika studied sustainable agriculture at Hampshire College in Amherst Massachusetts and apprenticed on organic vegetable and dairy farms inNew Jersey (including Gravity Hill Farm), Massachusetts, Vermont, Ecuador and Costa Rica. Before starting Roots to River farm she managed The Journey's End CSA in Sterling, Pennsylvania for two years.  She's so happy to be back home in the Delaware River Valley putting down some roots. Literally. 



Natalie Hamill and josh perslweig

Blossom Hill Flowers Farmers

Natalie works with the bees to grow and bunch the most amazing bouquets for markets, wholesale and select events. Natalie comes from Princeton, New Jersey with a background in dairy farming. Because the flowers are beautiful and they don't need milking twice a day she is happiest among them picking each stem by hand. Natalie and her husband Josh own the land of Roots to River Farm in Solebury. They aim to be good stewards of the property and have grand plans for vision of the farm.






Kat gyantar

Assistant Manager

This is Kat's 4th season at R2R! She fits right in here because she has love for the outdoors, fruits, veggies, wellness, and fitness. Kat has an affinity for discovering what comprises a healthy life. Before finding R2R Kat worked as a preschool teacher and soccer coach. After graduating from Rutgers U in 2012 studying community nutrition, she WOOFed in Costa Rica, volunteering at an organic permaculture farm. In doing this, she learned a lot about plants and decided she wanted to learn much more! It's been a great adventure. In her spare time Kat is the 4-H leader of the children's cooking club of Mercer County- The Junior Master Chefs! Kat Enjoys hiking, cooking, obsessing over rocks and minerals, and making new friends - human or animal. Kat feels very lucky to meet everyone that comes her way at market, CSA, galore!



Phoenyx byrne

Field Manager

Phoenyx has been with Roots since August of 2016 and is so excited to experience their first full season.  Whether it be harvesting, doing tractor work, tending the till at market, or discussing soil ecology, Phoenyx is fascinated by all aspects of farming and its transformative effects on the land and its peoples.  After having volunteered on several local farms and two years spent as produce manager of a natural foods market, Phoenyx decided that they wanted to get to the source of sustainable food production and be a part of the local organic agriculture movement.  Phoenyx views food as something which addresses a myriad of topics, but believes that its ability to establish communal connectivity and a sense of place are some of its most rewarding aspects.  When not on the farm, Phoenyx likes spending time in forests, going to punk shows, making music, and nerding out over plants, crystals, and delicious vegan food.




Laura Manser


Laura has been farming for 5 years but this is her first year at R2R! She loves anything that involves the outdoors or traveling. She's been on crazy adventures in both Costa Rice and Tanzania, learning about the wildlife and unique farms there. Her forte part about farming is being able to provide the public with outstanding produce that they can eat with a smile. In her free time she enjoys photography, hiking, birding and other outdoor activities. Laura knows this is going to be a productive and fruitful season at R2R and she's thrilled to be a part of it!





Ember Wolf


Ember is a first year farming apprentice who just got back from spending a year chasing monkeys through the Costa Rican jungle. Loving the outdoors and food is what brought her here.  Ember is way into vegetables and loves tasting and discovering the wide variety of produce grown and cultivated here organically. She is finding great satisfaction in being a part of growing amazing produce for the community and is excited for the rest of the season. Ember is falling in love with this area and can't be more excited to be a part of the farm family!






Breezy Mehringer


Breezy joins the R2R crew after exploring and farming in the Hudson Valley region of New York State. She discovered her passion for farming after returning from a year working with an NGO in Bangladesh. Needing space to rejuvenate and longing to do work that was tangible and meaningful, she began volunteering on farms. It wasn’t long after sinking her hands in the soil or sinking her teeth into a freshly picked apple that she realized her life was forever changed. Born and raised in NJ, she is excited to be working her home soils for the first time with the farm’s expansion into the Titusville, NJ, property. With the dream of starting a farm of her own, she is so happy to be learning and growing with Malaika, the Roots crew, and the local farming community! When not farming, Breezy enjoys hiking, evening runs, learning new crafts, and cooking up tasty dishes to share with friends.




Jade Greene


Jade Greene has been a Roots to River CSA member since their first year and is thrilled to be a behind the scenes part of the farm, which allows her to utilize her unnatural passion for excel.   Jade has an Environmental Science B.S. from Penn State and loves all things science.  She also loves to read, forage wild plants, crochet, cook vegetarian delights, and take forested adventures.  Jade gets her R2R work done while Kaia, her infant daughter, naps.



Amanda Midkiff

Locust Light Farm Herb Farmer

Amanda's love of herbalism began when she discovered that nettles could relieve her allergies. She has been drinking nettle tea and studying herbalism ever since. She enjoys coaxing the plants from the earth and coaxing the healing properties from the plants. She considers the plants to be her greatest teachers and is looking forward to a lifetime of learning from them. Amanda moved to New Hope in 2013 to lend her energies to the creation of Roots to River Farm During her two years there, she fell in love with the vibrant culture and community of Bucks County. She decided to stay and provide herbal medicine to the community she had grown to love. She started Locust Light Farm 2 years ago and now creates incredible herbal products and provides educational opportunities for the community to learn about herbal medicine and farming. When she's not farming, Amanda enjoys reading and writing poetry, cooking for friends and family, and sipping coffee in diners.


Ian Knauer and Shelley Wiseman

The Farm Cooks

Ian and Shelley are the chefs and teachers at The Farm Cooking School which resides on the farm at our Titusville location. The Farm Cooking School is a space where cooks of all levels can come together to learn about and enjoy great food and real community. Ian and Shelley and their crew of amazing chefs and assistants offer cooking classes and dinners on the farm. They take advantage of farm produce to make delicious pantry items and prepared foods available for customers at the Roots to River On-Farm Market. 





Farm Dog

Sniffer, hunter, cuddler, loud greeter, roller in stinky things, carrot stealer and all around goof ball.