Malaika Spencer


Malaika is addicted to the tangible rewards of growing good food and the challenges of building healthy ecosystems.  She has been working on farms for 10 years and can't imagine life without muddy boots, fresh tomato sandwiches, long days of weeding and the satisfaction of working with the land to feed her community. Malaika studied sustainable agriculture at Hampshire College in Amherst Massachusetts and apprenticed on organic vegetable and dairy farms in  New Jersey, Massachusetts, Vermont, Ecuador and Costa Rica. Before starting Roots to River farm she managed The Journey's End CSA in Sterling, Pennsylvania for two years.  She's so happy to be back home in Bucks County putting down some roots. Literally. 



Natalie Hamill

Flower Farmer

Natalie works with the bees to grow and bunch the most amazing bouquets for markets, wholesale and select events. Natalie comes from Princeton, New Jersey with a background in dairy farming. Because the flowers are beautiful and they don't need milking twice a day she is happiest among them picking each stem by hand. Natalie and her husband Josh own the land of Roots to River Farm. They aim to be good stewards of the property and have grand plans for vision of the farm.


Josh Perlsweig

Enthusiastic Helper



Mike Wagner

Assistant Manager

Mike was raised in the city, but with a country heart.  He came to Bucks County with his partner Katie, after spending most of his years living and working in wholesale distribution in Philly.  Interests in healthy and sustainable food production, combined with a long-time love of nurturing plants and growing food, led him to pursue hands-on experience with the enthusiastic community of Roots to River.  Mike enjoys camping, hiking and exploring, and is following his compass, wherever it may lead.  He is now an expert at tractor driving, and is an integral part of the team that makes this farm successful.






Kat gyantar

This is Kat's 3rd season at R2R! She fits right in here because she has love for the outdoors, fruits, veggies, wellness, and fitness. Kat has an affinity for discovering what a healthy life is comprised of. Before finding R2R Kat worked as a preschool teacher and soccer coach. After graduating from Rutgers U in 2012 studying community nutrition, she WOOFed in Costa Rica, volunteering at an organic permaculture farm. In doing this, she learned a lot about plants and decided she wanted to learn much more! It's been a great adventure. In her spare time Kat is the 4-H leader of the children's cooking club of Mercer County- The Junior Master Chefs! Kat Enjoys hiking, cooking, obsessing over rocks and minerals, and making new friends - human or animal. Kat feels very lucky to meet everyone that comes her way at market, CSA, galore!




Emily harsha

Emily joined as a summer intern and is now working with us while also studying agriculture at Delaware Valley University. She has a strong passion  and instinct for farming and an incredible positive energy (even when sorting through bins of rotten squash!). We are so lucky to have her on the team. 







jordan sanocki

Jordan found us after 3 years working at Luna Farms and is also studying agriculture at Delaware Valley University. She is incredibly energetic with a great sense of humor and is always up for anything. Her keen sense of detail and knowledge of vegetable farming what maker her such an awesome part of Roots to River.  







shana carroll

This is Shana's first year farming and she has been an awesome part of our team. As an artist she has been able to find the ultimate beauty of being outside every day and doing farm work. Always ready for any new thing coming her way, she loves driving tractors and the box truck. 







Kim Kashnoski

Kim volunteered last season on the farm.  It was such a gift to have her energy and curiosity as extra help last year that we were overjoyed to have her join our crew this season. Kim hails from Northeast Philly with a passion for yoga, wellness and good food. 






Jamie Sims

This is Jamie's second season on the R2R crew. While he learns the ins and outs of orcharding at Manoff's, we are happy to have him part time to help us with the veggies. Jamie is a thoughtful and tireless worker. We are so lucky to have his creativity and leadership with us this year.








Sarah Andrews

This is Sarah's 3rd year at Roots to River. While she also spends her time farming herbs at Barefoot Gardens, she helps us with harvest and markets. Her positive energy and enthusiasm for the beauty and rewards of farming are such a huge gift to our crew this season. 












Pheonyx byrne

Phoenyx joined the crew a the end of August and has been an amazing part of our team. Phoenyx has a passion for food and wellness, and farming is a  perfect extension to their interests. Phoenix adapted well to the craziness of farming even while arriving right in the middle of tomato season!