Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a unique arrangement between consumers and farmers. By purchasing a membership to a farm, community members share in the benefits and risks of local food production. In return, they receive a weekly share of vegetables or flowers plus a meaningful connection to their food, the land where it is grown and the people who grow it!

At Roots to River, we are striving to reclaim the integrity of the food system through personal connections.  It is through our CSA that we create our most valuable relationships, knowing that the community has invested in our farm feeds us as farmers and in turn feeds our members.

All of our produce is grown at Roots to River Farm without the use of pesticides or chemicals and with the intention of nurturing the soil and ecology of the land. Members enjoy the freshest bounty of in-season, flavorful, colorful, heirloom veggies fruits and herbs. We'll be growing over 250 varieties of vegetables this season!

Members receive a weekly newsletter with share info, growing updates and recipes, and are also invited to participate in on-farm events and volunteer opportunities through out the season.

"Eating with the fullest pleasure — pleasure, that is, that does not depend on ignorance — is perhaps the profoundest enactment of our connection with the world."

-Wendell Berry, "The Pleasures of Eating"

Share Options:

We offer 3 different share options at 2 locations. Each share option in our CSA is designed for maximum convenience for our CSA members. At every Pickup we have friendly staff who all work on the farm. They love to talk about vegetables and are ready to answer all your questions. Please peruse the share options and choose the one (or more) that is right for you.

The Classic Share is for local households to pick up a share of produce once a week or every other week for the summer and fall. Members sign up for a share at a certain number of "items" and can choose whatever they like at our CSA Pickup in Buckingham PA or in Titusville NJ. For more details see the Classic Share Page.

The Market Share is for members who would enjoy the convenience of picking up their share at our farmer's market stands. Members begin the season with a discounted debit account at the Roots to River Market at Gravity Hill in Titusville PA from June through November.  Members can choose whatever they like from the farm stand, and the value of the vegetables is taken off the off of their account. For more details see the Market Share Page.

The Winter Share is for local households who want the experience of eating food from the farm all year long. This is a great option for members who want a local addition to their winter meals and are excited about root veggies and winter greens. Winter Share Pickup is on Pleasant Valley Rd, Titusville NJ and runs from December through March. For more details see the Winter Share Page.

Info for all members:

For the CSA harvest calendar click here. It will give you an idea of what crops to expect throughout your season.

For CSA Veggie Storage Guide click here.

All members can get weekly updates, pictures of the farm, the list of vegetables available that week, and seasonal recipes from our CSA Newsletter.


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